WIN ARTICLE #139 The Big Question "Why?"


The Big Question: “Why?”
Dealing with Unanswered Wrestling Questions!

By Ben Peterson #139

1. Children ask, “Why?” They are learning and want answers.
2. Teens ask, “Why not?” They want a challenge and want to do it differently.
3. Adults ask, Why me?” We want things to be fair, but things are not always
fair in life.

Wrestlers ask these types of questions also, but they do not always get clear answers. Sometimes the answers to our questions are much higher than us. Some go to luck for answers and others go to the reality of bigger things which we do not always see.

One day the disciples and Jesus saw a man who was born blind. “And His disciples asked Him, saying, “Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “Neither this man nor his parents sinned, but that the works of God should be revealed in him.” John 9:2&3.

In reality they were asking a “Why?” question and wanted to know who caused the blindness. Jesus’ reply did not fully answer their question, but He gave them an answer they could live life with. And that is to trust God when things go wrong or when we don’t understand. To prove He could be trusted when all questions are not answered, He healed the man and gave him his sight.

So what does this have to do with wrestling? Let’s think through the questions we so often ask and hear.

Common Wrestling Questions:
Why this loss?
Why this sickness now?
Why this injury?
Why this failure?
Why this accident?
Why this missed weigh-in?
Why this skin problem today?
“Coach, I trained hard and did all you asked me to do, yet I lost, I don’t understand.”
“I did every thing my teammates did, but I still did not win, why not?”
Why ???

The longer you stay around wrestling, and really just keep living life, the more “Why?” questions you will hear and ask yourself. It comes with living. But Jesus gives us an answer that is higher then our “why” questions. Another time He received a message that His friend Lazarus was sick. You would think He would have gone quickly and helped. After all, He had healed many other sick people. Instead He said, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.” John 11:4

He was saying that the glory of God and His Son were more important than the life of Lazarus. At first that may sound harsh, but note what happened next. He then waited 2 days to start His long trip to Lazarus. So Lazarus was dead 4 days. When Jesus arrived He did not just heal him, He raised Lazarus from the dead. By this act He proved even greater things about God and Himself. There is usually a bigger picture in life than we see.

Recommendations for when the “Whys?” are not answered:
1. When there are no answers - Honor your family, your coach and God.
2. When you want to blame others - Bring honor to your family and your team.
3. When you want to pout - Cheer your teammates on.
4. Instead of harboring bad feelings - Tell your teammates & coaches you appreciate them.
5. When you have failed/lost - Thank your coach for the opportunity to compete.
6. When you make a serious mistake & lose - Learn from it and keep training and competing with those who are stretching you .
7. When we struggle with bitterness and jealousy because of the success of others - Let them rejoice, learn from the situation, and move on.
8. When things seem unfair - Recall the unfairness others have faced. Never use “unfair” as an excuse or crutch. And remember there is a bigger picture.

There are questions in life and wrestling that cannot be fully answered, but I have found that honoring others sure helps me live with all the unanswered “Whys?”.

1. When my family was in a car accident where I broke my leg at age 12 and my sister had 52 stitches in her face, many of the “Whys?” were not answered. But I watched good come to our family as we trusted God and united to deal with it all. (#1 above helped)
2. When I lost in the finals of the state tournament my senior year by a huge mistake (I stepped over a wizzer.) I had to put #6 & #7 into practice.
3. Many “Whys?” have come from the 1980 Olympic Team not being permitted to go to the Moscow Olympics. That US Team and the American spirit were dampened greatly by that boycott. But there are things bigger than the Olympics and today I understand that. (#4 & #8 are helpful)

I have heard people talk of “luck” or chance as the bigger answer to their questions and they hope luck comes their way. Sometimes we can use luck as the big answer to the hard questions. But, I do not wish to leave things up to luck or chance. My goal is to work hard in preparation and then trust God with the results. After all, He sees a much bigger picture than I do and knows how to help me deal with the unanswered “Whys?”

I know by what I have just written that I did not answer all the questions you and I will face in wrestling, let alone in life. But Jesus gave us a means to get out of the blaming, pouting, and bitter modes that can sometimes hold us down even for a fall. Apply the above 8 statements repeatedly and you will find, as I have, that there are even bigger things than our wrestling.

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