WIN ARTICLE #124 Inspired Approach to Life


An Inspired Approach to Life
By: Ben Peterson

We can get guidance and motivation from many sources. One of my favorite Thanksgiving and Christmas verses has set a pattern for me. Here is a perspective to use in life and wrestling. It speaks of victory so it gets my attention right away.
“But thanks be to God, Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” I Corinthians 15:57

1) Victory Comes Through a Person!
It is easy to just ask God to solve our problems. This verse says He used His Son to uniquely win the victory. That is a lesson for me. When I need to get something done, I should look for a person that can do the job. I have jobs I can do and other jobs I ask for help to accomplish the task.
In this day we may be tempted to say a cell phone, a computer, or a machine of some kind can do a job and do it better than a person can. But I am repeatedly reminded that a knowledgeable person is needed to run those things or nothing gets done. In fact they become expensive distractions without a skilled person. The niftiest moves can not win victories. But a person with skill and hard work can use those moves as tools to win the victory.
In wrestling we look for the unique man to fill each weight class. Lightweights and heavyweights are all people uniquely fit for the task. We are always looking for someone to man up and take the challenge. As a coach we need to find someone that will train and dream and stretch themselves to represent us in a particular weight class. We want our team to have character, skill, and the willingness to fight against all opponents. This point gives value to each of us, because we are each gifted to do certain things. So I encourage you to find those special tasks you can do and go to work.
Boys that accept personal challenges build into men of character and strength. Young men, will you take the challenge and be the man on your team? Representing your school and your community is a worthwhile cause. It is a privilege that we should take seriously. Take that challenge and watch yourself develop as a man.

2) Victory Comes Through Sacrifice!
Our verse speaks of the sacrifice God made. Also His Son sacrificed greatly. Success in any task requires an individual or several individuals to work together to accomplish the goal.
During every wrestling season parents from across the country give their sons to represent their schools and communities. As parents they adjust schedules over and over, spend money and a lot of time. Truly parents of wrestlers can be some of the most sacrificing people.
Wrestlers must sacrifice themselves for the task of representing their team. Victory comes through them. Years of training and competing prepare an individual to bring victory and honor to a community. Those victories are often posted on wrestling room walls, gym walls, hallway showcases and on signs as you enter town. But mostly those victories are in the minds of the communities’ citizens. They are proud and more confident because someone they know has won a victory on their behalf. Someone must pay the price for victory. You be that person.

3) Victories Require Thankfulness!
Are you looking for motivation? Always start by saying thank you. Think of the things that are positive in your life. Identify the people behind those good things. Review what they personally sacrificed for you. Make a list. It probably won’t take very long to fill a page.
If you are discouraged it is time to begin a thank you list. Don’t forget to credit someone as soon as possible and as often as possible. That will make the day for someone else and for you.
As a coach I can’t send a move on the mat to win. I don’t send a program or a winning tradition to the mat. Coaches find the people needed to do the job for each aspect of their team and program. So there are a lot of individuals I have thanked for their wrestling, for washing mats, for announcing, for cheering, for keeping scores and a 100 more tasks. People working together win victories and those people need to be thanked.
These three points are basic to succeeding in life. We should be looking for the people that can fulfill a need and then help them complete the job needed. We must also man up to our own responsibilities. Be ready to sacrifice yourself and then others will be most likely to join you. There is no telling what victories you can win when you team up with others. And then look for ways to say thank you on a continual basis. And especially at Holiday time let’s review the victories God has won for us and say thank you!

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