WIN ARTICLE #123 Maximizing Your Wrestling Training


Getting the Most Out of Your Wrestling Training
By: Ben Peterson

At the beginning and throughout the season we should be checking to be sure we are making the adjustments to get the most from the time and work we invest in our sport. This is true for wrestlers, coaches and parents of wrestlers. Here are some practical tips for getting the most out of each day of practice throughout the season.

1) Take care of responsibilities and details as soon as possible, immediately if practical, so they do not limit your focus and time. Don’t ‘shoot yourself in the foot’ by not certifying weight and completing forms. Don’t limit your wrestling by not making weight properly. Don’t get coaches upset because you didn’t tell them ahead about a classroom or family responsibility. Don’t come to practice or a meet distracted by the day’s events. Practice and learn to focus without distractions. Champions almost always exhibit this skill/quality.

2) Fully invest yourselves now. We should not think or talk about starting something tomorrow when we can and should be doing it today. If we put our attention on doing our best today, in whatever our assigned tasks are, we will be at a higher level tomorrow to go even farther. If it is a day for lifting, lift to get stronger. If it is a time to condition then run, bike, or do something with intensity harder then last time. If it is time to learn technique, then learn and improve positioning. If it is time to rest, then relax and recover.

3) Practice in the middle of the mat. Don’t spend all your time in the corner or along the side. Benefits include being seen more by the coaches. They are more likely to give you personal attention. You will build more confidence. And if you are not a showoff about it, coaches and teammates are more likely to ask you to lead things. So get in the center at least some of the time, build confidence, get more coaching, and with time more opportunities to lead may come your way.

4) Look for the best people to drill with, to wrestle hard with, and to watch. Quality attitudes and skills are usually caught from others who exhibit them. So look for the positive aspects in others and learn them for yourself, even if it may be a bit humbling at first.

5) Seek a calm steady yet aggressive confidence. There is a lot of energy and excitement around a wrestling team’s practice and competitions. Learn to be calm but still intense. To just get caught up in the frenzy can cause us to overdo even good things. Balancing the excitement with calm confidence will bring control and maturity.

6) Take advantage of meeting and talking with past athletes in your area. Build a friendship with older athletes and you will learn plus gain and/or strengthen a fan for yourself and your team. One of my joys today is to become a fan of young athletes who are developing. It is fun to watch them progress through each aspect of our game and of their life. As a past wrestler it makes my day to inspire a young athlete!

Take a look at what practical things you are doing that are helping you mature and develop as a wrestler. What is hindering your growth? Write down a list of helpful tips and share them with younger wrestlers who are still learning the basics. Talk to others about what is helpful. I would love to hear the things you have on your list, so send them to me.

Give yourself the best shot to succeed, and yes to even excel.

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