Dec. WIN Article # 96 Bigger than Me Motivations


By Ben Peterson #96

As I am writing this, it is pre-Christmas 2013. Each year of my life, Christmas is a little different but it is always during the mid-wrestling season with a lot of important tournaments on my schedule. Everyone in the wrestling world is seeking to balance vacation time with training and family time with competitions. This can be very intense but that is what we thrive on as athletes.

Family get-togethers tend to increase around Christmas. And for many families wrestling also brings them together. That has been true for us. Bring your family into your wrestling whenever possible. They can bring stability and a lot of motivations past yourself. Never overlook the smiles and pride you can put on the face of a parent, grandparent, sibling and others. Sometimes families need to refresh their connections. Holidays and wrestling can help do that.

In the middle of wrestling practices and all the speaking events that fill my life these days I found myself going to four Christmas concerts in 24 hours, with my wife, Jan. Close friends and our daughters were in every one, so I was excited to see and hear them. Jan didn’t even have to drag me. They were Saturday evening and Sunday, so I didn’t even have to miss wrestling events. It was a healthy way to stop and see things bigger than Ben.

I found myself asking why all the singing and readings? Was there something bigger that I could benefit from? Could the bigger picture of Christmas help me and all the wrestlers and youth I influence? I have had the privilege of speaking to over 8,000 people this past year, so I am regularly thinking of what has motivated me and can do the same for others.

In all the cultured music and readings 4 themes struck me. They refreshed and stretched my memory of things bigger than Ben. See if any of them can do the same for you.

1. Behold the Star
We are always crowning a new star in our sport. Each one is unique and impressive in their own way, each one outdoing others around them. But Jesus is my Star. He humbly came to provide my sacrifice for sin so I could claim His righteousness as my own. Do you have a parent, coach or teammates that make helping you a key part of their lives? I have had and do have people around me that do that. They too are my stars. I am reminded to thank them.

2. All is Well
In this world all is not well. Things in my world and your world are not all well. But remembering that God sent His only Son to bring righteousness to mankind reminds me all is well in Him. Confidence is essential to a successful athlete. This reminded me to keep confidence in Him while building my own.

3. Season of Light
This world sure can be a dark place with so much wickedness and so much sorrow. John 1:9 says: “That was the true Light which gives light to every man…” Since Junior High I have received light and purpose by trusting Christ. I will continue to read His Word to strengthen and solidify my faith and focus on Him.

4. The Good Shepherd has Come
The Christmas story includes shepherds. For some reason God sent special messengers to tell shepherds of His Son’s birth. Wrestlers know a lot about shepherding. Coaches, parents, teachers and even teammates shepherd us. Be sure not to fight them, but benefit from their guidance. And as we shepherd others, let’s be patient like God is with us.

So many themes are bigger than me. And there are bigger purposes to keep me motivated and motivating others. I will keep training new young stars and will applaud those who win our wrestling events. But Christ will remain my Greatest Star. I will build confidence in a troubled world because there is light to be found that points to the one who shepherds me most perfectly.

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