April WIN Article #100 Moms Bring out the Best


Let Wrestling Moms Bring Out the Best in You!
By Ben Peterson #100

It is spring and a time when we think of moms and Mother's Day. Moms of wrestlers are most special people! They not only learn how to feed their young wrestlers, but they also learn the moves, the teammates, and the weigh-in rules. But mostly they learn to encourage their son in winning and pick up the pieces when they lose.
I have met many a wrestlers' Mom. They are all unique in how they cheer on their sons. But they all want them to win. Dan Gable's mom was a gem. The stability and motivation she gave to Dan and Dan's many workout partners is legendary.
A classic list of "Momisms" is given by America’s first Greco Roman World Champion Mike Houck. Here are 2 of them:
1. “You Can Laugh or You Can Cry!”
As unsympathetic as this statement sounds, Mike ultimately realized that it was much more pleasant and productive to choose and maintain a good attitude when dealing with most anything.
2. “Don’t Be Good. Be Great”
Mike’s mother would say this as he would leave the house for any activity. This saying urged Mike past mediocrity to a Gold Medal!

Next, I would like to include several key phrases from a current mom of 5 wrestlers. Her statements echo what most “Wrestling Mothers” think and seek to express. Candy Trygstad is from Aurora, Colorado and she puts it this way:

Hold your head up,
You are participating in the hardest sport there is.

Don't quit until you have given it two good years.
This isn't a sport you learn overnight.

A true sportsman maintains self-control.
If you throw your headgear you will not feel any better,
But you will embarrass your mom.

When you enter a bout, your pride is on the line, so fight to keep it.
After the bout, remember, it is only your pride,
So don't act like you are dying.

If you learn from your losses,
You have gained something more important than a win.

If you never try that new move in competition, you will never try it.
It does you no good to know 50 moves you never execute in a match.
Challenge yourself to try something new every week.

There is someone in your corner that has a different perspective,
Listen to them; after all, they are in your corner.

You must score points to win, so get after it!

Strength comes in all shapes and sizes.
Treat every opponent like he could put you out.
Conversely, remember you can eliminate anyone from the tournament.

If you let it,
Wrestling will give you opportunities to develop
More than physical attributes.
You will learn mental toughness, personal discipline,
And the ability to rise above adversity.
If you let it!

My wife Jan and mother of our son Andy, put mothering of a wrestler this way:
Maintain a stable and calm atmosphere that does not distract from training and competition.
Before and after events try to be available to celebrate or make sense of the results. (Some of Jan’s best talks with our 4 children came late at night after the wins and the loses.)

Our Mother has not been living for 20 years, but John and I and our 3 brothers and sister still remember the principles that she spoke and lived. They guide our attitudes and choices yet today. What a heritage and privilege this is!

Moms have our best interest in mind. Moms may not understand every wrestling move or all the reasons we cut weight. Their statements may not always include the latest wrestling lingo. But if we listen, we will find that most of the key principles of life are stated by them.

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